Monday, July 15, 2013

Pyrex and flowerpots

More and more, shopping for me consists of looking but not buying. On holiday recently I derived great pleasure in wandering antique malls admiring quilts, maple sap buckets, mid century chairs and pyrex. Stacks and stacks of ugly-pretty, ever-so-practical pyrex.  I watched a tourist, presumably Japanese or Korean, judging by her lovely features and stylish clothes—peruse the pyrex with studied concentration, calibrating just how much weight she could pack safely in her luggage.

I resisted the pyrex, and I resisted the quilt, (though I am now suffering from not-bought regret.)

What I did buy, though was a sap bucket.  A Waterloo County galvanized  maple tree tapping bucket. And now it's time to ponder which of my garden buddies will get to hang out in it.

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