Sunday, August 18, 2013

Real-life Pinterest

Ok flags from the Fireworks Gallery in Seattle.  Every trip through the Seattle airport I make a beeline for the store and pick up a couple; they are so cheerful and pretty and a perfect featherweight treat to throw in your bag en route. Here they are washi taped up on the wall but usually I stick them up with bright coloured thumbtacks from Daiso, the Japanese dollar store.
Daiso has the most amazing selection of office and school supplies.
I'm feeling quite wistful about the back to school shopping that I won't be doing—since my back-to-school boy is 23, (a baby pic of him below), and would be puzzled indeed if I suggested an outing so I could indulge my love for spiral notebooks and cute erasers.

Pinning is also the theme with this thrifted Hungarian stitch panel turned into a satisfyingly plump and square pincushion, (pattern here) to be sent to my sister. Real life Pinterest.

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