Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cheer Mt. Baker

The colours I love in combination are getting palette names, and this one is going to be called Mt. Baker.  Because I like looking at it, so there. Can't help it, it's right across the street from my house. And the colours are mirrored in that 'cheer' bag by muguet-tora in japan. It would be my Cheer Mt. Baker bag if I lived in Japan. Names, mountains, colours, bags and… textiles. I've been thinking hard about colours and my fabric stash, and how to be more rigorous in narrowing the field of choices. One thing is clear, more plains and fewer patterns. Navy blue is almost always perfect. And baby nursery-room colours always have been, and always will be, a favorite.

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Anonymous said...

You just send those excess prints my way, or at least photos of them!