Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kiss and Make Up

Photo: Jean-Baptiste Mondino
Who could wear Missoni any better than Tilda Swinton? 
Two things this week made me think about the image of her (above) from T Magazine's Fashion & Beauty issue in Spring of 2008.

1. The Missoni spring 2014 fashion show in Milan, and…
  2. a recent overhauling of my makeup drawer, i.e. throwing most of my makeup away.

Photo: Fashion Pulse Daily 
The girls on the Missoni runway were all severely barefaced with a strong eyeliner stroke around the inside of the eye… what a great look. Also loved how many of them came stomping down the runway in what almost looked like spa sandals, they were owning it and looking so fierce and pretty.
It made me think of Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia. The eyes, the eyes… not the spa sandals. 

Anyway, at 58 years, makeup for me is minimal by choice and by necessity.  Not blessed with a full mouth I have to abstain from lipstick. Mascara always ends up as raccoon effect—doesn't matter what brand. 
Blush seems silly on old cheekbones and foundation looks foolish.  The only thing left in the arsenal is eyebrow pencil, and that requires glasses to apply it properly—and of course if you're wearing your glasses, they get in the way of seeing your eyebrows.  As they say, getting old is not for sissies.

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Anonymous said...

Next time you're in KW, you'll have to do a post about Len's Mill, the ultimate badcrafter destination. They are expanding to Toronto now!