Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Knock it off

Top, Gustavian Wall sconce by
Bottom: Target knock-off

This spectacular wall sconce available at this tantalizing UK store has been on my Home Pinterest board for years. Strolling through Target last week in search of a Smith & Hawken watering can to replace mine that was sadly run over and squashed, I stopped and laughed at the sight of this $19 knock-off, and brought it home as a reminder of our consumer culture and just how far-reaching these imported copycat items have infiltrated. And yes, I know, I'm abetting it by buying the damn thing, but it's the rare exception to my most-things-from-a-thrift-shop habit.  And now I bathe by candlelight, conserving electricity. ❤


Anonymous said...

Good is good. Take it where you find it. No doubt the original one you show is an adaptation of an earlier sconce. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

It's very pretty! I'm just flabbergasted you set foot in Target to begin with.

bc said...

There's a Ted talk about copying in the fashion industry, Valerie, I keep meaning to send you the link. Laura, years ago a friend called when I was out and when Paul said I was at Zellers—she yelled "Diana?!? at Zellers??? Made me laugh.