Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cheticamp ♥

Supplies: Sandpaper (120 or higher) crayons, heavy paper and an iron 
DrawFlip ● Press/Transfer  ● FUN!
A very cool technique for drafting a faux-pixel pattern suited to rug hooking or needlework, via this Cape Breton site: 
Under the heading Education Resources, look for Grade 6 lesson plan, Cheticamp Rug Hooking.
Their education links provide a treasure trove of lesson plans and history. The bounty of resources online kinda make me wish I could have another baby, so I could homeschool. 

Rug hooking, and recently, cross stitch have been in my bad crafter repertoire… again, not so much because I do them so very badly, but because my productivity in any particular pursuit is legendarily low.

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