Saturday, October 25, 2014


Carey Sookocheff, a Canadian illustrator with a clean palette and forthright style.
Scrap torn from a NYTimes book review.
I'm holding up little bits of paper that I love in front of the computer and doing lo-fi screenshots.
You can tell me to stop if it's annoying.
In the olden days, my favorite tool to play with at work was the photocopier. Blowing things up-up-wa-ay-up…watching the image degrade in interesting ways, was my go-to thing.  Then, my employer leased a duplex/spot-colour-capable copier.  You could draw/select areas with a stylus and apply spot colour. I was in heaven. Unfortunately, its' "just-copy-this, dammit" functions were deemed too complicated by most of the people in the office. It vanished and was replaced with a toner-belching antique. This is apropos-of-nothing, I guess. Just a meandering love-post to black-plus-one. And paper. And artists everywhere.

another uber-talented Canadian illustrator, Julia Brekenreid.
This scrap is also from the New York Times, or, er, maybe the Globe and Mail.
Bad crafter, bad archivist. :)

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