Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Um, Christmas

Thinking about these cookies
I refer to my Um Christmas Pinterest board, and a link to a recipe for a basic rolled gingercrisp courtesy of Babes in Boyland. 
Never having owned any of those quintessential granny cut-glass tumblers or juice glasses needed to emboss the pattern onto the dough, I made a quick trip to my favourite thrift shop that yielded 8 super sweet plastic mugs with a pattern on the bottom fit for a angel.
Let the baking commence.


Anonymous said...

Let's see the results! Great idea to use the bottom for the imprint. I'll be lifting glasses in thrift stores from now on.

bc said...

Did you have those glasses growing up? My mom had an embargo on any glasses she couldn't fit her tea towel-covered hand into. And broadloom in bedrooms… "I'm not VACUUMING under any BEDS!"