Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Creatives and Casual Living

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I've always liked the word louche. A bit transgressive, bad-boy, you know… with attitude. It might not be the most accurate definition, or the most flattering admission; but it pretty much summed up much of my young adult life. Plenty of time now to mull that over. Or not. :)

Casual Living I
Best. Name. Ever… I think, for this collective of creatives in the"unceded Coast Salish Territories, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada"

Digression: my favorite line in the Mad Men series was when Peggy snarled "Everybody hates creative" in reference to the ad agency's workplace culture. Creatives are often (mostly?) just a bit different. Whether it's inborn or an affectation, who knows. And her acknowledging that, with sort of a whiny, self-absorbed lens turned back on herself, and that this perception of hers could very well be wrong. Well, I thought the writers just got it dead-on.
I worked in publishing and advertising…it was great fun. I liked being surrounded both by like-minded creatives, and those well-groomed, otherworldly creatures on the business side.

Casual Living II
Perhaps I'm also attached to the name because of this favorite paper ephemera scrap I've been toting around with me for years, glued to first one thing—then another.
Being a creative, the practise of casual living, and making about $23 a week. Coincidence?

Casual Living III, or, Casual Decorating
I own three sewing machines.
Behold, my sewing room/guest bedroom curtains.
Louche lurks here. ha ha whateva

Next favorite word: tatterdemalion

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