Thursday, April 9, 2015

Firsts and last

It occurs to me that even though this garden we just bought (which also came with buildings)…is a harbinger of firsts and lasts. 
First garden with mature roses. First garden with rivers of anemones. Pulsatillas. Birch trees. Fritillaria.
And, after gardening at five previous homes; I know, that, at 60 years of age—this will probably be my last labour-intensive garden. It's stewardship, really. I'm taking it on and working it forward for whomever comes next. I just hope they like anemones.


Kerrie Maloney said...

Hope you are enjoying the new garden and buildings. Stewardship is an excellent way to describe your plans.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you, badcrafter! Sounds like this house —and its garden—has a soul.

Karen said...

Oh how beautiful. I'm writing from Michigan. It's still pretty cold--we're waiting for spring!

bc said...

We're having a damp cool stretch too, but the plants don't seem to mind!