Thursday, August 20, 2015


Hasn't that been a summer. So summery, in fact, I'm almost weary of it and ready to move on to rainier pastures. There were roses, and more roses. And white fly, and black spot. 
Roses are funny, if you aren't confident around them this is what happens. They react as horses and dogs do—"if you are nervous we will give you a hard time. We will bite and kick… until you get your sh*t together and just calm down." 
Ok. That's better.
 Inherited a celadon grasshopper tile from the previous owner.
Thank you, Beth.
Beth also left blueprints for an unbuilt garden shed titled
"The Tangled Garden Utility Shed' The garden sure is tangled—a bit messy and blown. I'm working on reining in my tidy Heidi instincts and just rolling with it. 


Unknown said...

Aaahhhhh my yellow roses!!! So glorious. Nicely you can take credit :)
Adopted babies, they're in your hands now, spots and all. I can't wait to see them in full bloom!

Anonymous said...

Brown feet looking forward to rain. This summer has been a switch for you! Glad to see you back blogging, badcrafter!