Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pinterest wish list

A screen shot showing board covers for 10 of the 30+ Pinterest boards I'm spending wa-ay too much time on.  Some people don't go back and look over their own 'pins' but I do, and enjoy that almost as much as that visual assault of pretties that greet me at the opening page with every visit.
I have very simple but strict rules for following people's pins. No wacky manicures or unappetizing-looking cupcakes sully my opening page when I log on to Pinterest.  No hairdos, homemade blackhead remover remedies, 'save the date' or any other wedding frou frou. No hunky dudes and no Olsen twins. Wouldn't it be fun, though, to be able to peek at what someone else's opening page looks like when they log on?
I'd also really love it if you could search people by country. Hmm, wonder who is pinning in Finland? China. Turkey. Uruguay.
That'd be cool.

I guess for a cairn terrier watching rabbits is his Pinterest.


Unknown said...

Gee now I am a wee bit paranoid. Must go back and check my boards...


bc said...

willing to cut you some slack sis, just as long as you never pin this: