Thursday, November 8, 2012

Um. Christmas trees

If memory serves the first version of the trinkets-shaped-as-tree goes back to Jane Schouten of All the luck in the World in 2008 (via apartment therapy).
Since then it has popped up in various versions;  in my asperger-y way I wish I had kept images of them all,  pPb [possible Pinterest board!] of interest to bits and bobs fans like myself. What better way to corral the explosion of tiny things that emerge from my christmas storage bags every year?

All The Luck in the World

The wonderful Elsie Marley, no christmas slouch herself as evidenced by her charming pom pom garland, paint chip snowmen, and the adorable half-eaten gingerbread man; posted this (bottom) more minimalist tree last year. She found it on Pinterest via another blog superstar I've read for years, Not Martha. 
It's a Graphics Fairy free printable reminiscent of the treasured Albrecht Durer tree (middle) I've had sitting in my pictures folder for eons. Both beautiful images.

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Anonymous said...

Like the Durer!