Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keeping It Clean

In Mexico.
When it is 80 degrees with a cool westerly breeze and your washing liquid is called Fabuloso;
what's not to like?
Factor in the jerga - cleaning cloth bought by the piece in the grocery stores, roughly serged, or by the metre in the fabric stores. If I could I would buy it by the bolt, that is how much love I have for this loosey goosey open weave 100% cotton cloth.
Confession:  At home in British Columbia I have a cleaning lady, twice a month. It's a moral support, friend-in-rubber-gloves thing more than actually requiring someone to wash my floor. Anyway, another thing we have in common is a distinct preference for certain cloths. As she sets up for a session, as we yak away at each other about our kids, fathers, grocery shopping coups, "grapefruit at Fairway Market! Good deal!", she is all the while picking through my wicker basket filled with folded cleaning cloths, Canadian Tire flannel shop rags, vintage sheet scraps stitched together and hemmed jerga rectangles.  I enjoy watching her pick out her favorites.
And I enjoy standing on my new bath mat. Reversible, washable, cost of fabric: 40 pesos.
mat stitched from jerga cloth and edged with ticking

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