Saturday, February 9, 2013

Roses and Castles

Painted canal roses have long been a favorite. And as a nerdy kid hauling art and craft books home from the library; I vaguely remember that Tole Art was a subject that I dragged home more than once. Sweden, Netherlands, Germany and Mexico all have versions of this folky floral; I expect it's appeal partly stems from the strong dark background colours often used... teal, emerald, and ebony.
Cheerful, pretty, and easy to diy with the proper brushes. Fun, too.

Of all things the narrowboat artists may paint,
There’s one thing with which you must surely acquaint,
For some think they’re gaudy and some think they’re quaint,
But why are there roses and castles?

The rose is a bloom that grows regal and tall;
Its beauty remains, with its back to the wall;
The rose is the emblem of England, and all,
So that’s why there’s roses and castles.

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