Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dreaming of Genie

Ironically, days after buying a brand new Pfaff sewing machine, I found a little Singer Genie languishing on the ground in the sad sack section of one of our local thrift stores. $5 (No returns No exchanges).  I could have walked by with barely a glance except for the fact that this machine has a twin; a few thousand miles away, residing with my sister. A 1970's sewing machine inherited from a very talented lady, my Aunt Rita. She was an impeccable sewer; lined sheath dresses with matching collared jackets, and a perfectionist  in all her pursuits.  The Singer Genie 353, and the subsequent 354 were popular machines due to their lightweight portability. A quick look at Ebay shows prices ranging $50 and up up up; forums debate whether or not it falls into the collectible category. For me, though, $5 well spent.

You'd be dusty too.  My 70's Genie rescued from the scrap heap section of the thrift store.

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There's no score like a nostalgia score.