Saturday, March 23, 2013


 top to bottom, Etsy vintage sellers: Fallaloft,  RetroLemonVintage,  VintageJane,  Ethanollie

These  have been making the rounds on Pinterest, which sent me off looking at other examples on ebay and etsy. Some have little drawers in the base, and the birds are configured in many different shapes; I'm liking the upright duck in plain jane brown the best, I think.
Anyway, now to cajole my project-hating partner into 'helping me' make one out of beach lumber.


Anonymous said...

These are all great, but think I like the bottom one best, too.

Jaye said...

I've never seen these before -- they're wonderful!

I like the white one sitting on the soft grey-blue base. It's very 'country-cottage-beachy'.