Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Falling to Pieces ΙΙ

Work on the falling-to-pieces quilt is on hiatus… sometimes people's lives fall to pieces too, and I'm on standby…broom and dustpan in hand, fluttering about those quotidian tasks you invent for yourself as busywork to distract you from the sorrow of an ebbing of a life. What a word quotidian is, it sounds so contrary to what it actually means.

A welcome diversion is taking on newsletter production duties for Victoria's Government House Friends society, a very industrious group of people who are instrumental in maintaining gardens, tea room, heraldry and costume museums at our provincial Lieutenant-Governor's residence.

I was pleased that the first issue I've been enlisted to work on required a graphic to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Elizabeth Regina, that dear dear girl. It was my pack-rat-moment-to-shine as I hauled out my 'Brit' stash, including a beauty of a commemorative magazine, where I found this sweet little graphic, a teaser for some scans to follow… The photo is a Pinterest find via this tumblr blog post of Feb. 6, 2012. Breaking my No-Tumblr rule just this once because it is such a sweet photo. Wish I could provide proper attribution, though. Maybe Cecil Beaton?

Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral 1952 

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Anonymous said...

Those "rat-pack-moments-to shine" are more few and far between than we would like, aren't' they? Enjoy, and bravo. Long live the Queen.