Friday, June 14, 2013

Chou Chou

Cabbage, possibly my favorite veg.  Cooked long and slow into a jammy mess, or seared hot and quick in a wok with butter and oil and a spridge of hot pepper flakes.  That's right, oil and butter both, she wrote defiantly.
Let us also praise coleslaw. Good coleslaw and even bad coleslaw if it is fresh enough and cold enough. Coleslaw made with sour cream dressing… or mayonnaise style with a hefty dollop of horseradish. Or asian style with rice vinegar and a smidge of peanut oil, sugar and slivered hot red peppers.
And. Sauerkraut! Pickled red cabbage!  And.  And.  And Cabbage rolls! Sure, I've made a few in my day, but these days I just go to my Polish Deli and buy them, fresh or frozen. Two gargantuan kapusta rolki for 6 bucks and we have a meal. A meal that required no more effort than me visiting my Polish Deli guy and shootin' the breeze for 6 minutes while he slices my Polish cheese (tastes like emmenthal), retrieves my 89-kilometer rye bread from the freezer (he buys it in Vancouver), and wraps up my village-style kielbassa in pretty peach-tone butcher paper.

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