Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Yellow

A fun  Floriography link, dahlias and chocolate cosmos…  it's a blooming week.
And, if planning a bouquet with floral meaning, you might like to know that begonias say beware and nuts … stupidity.  Just sayin'.

Chocolate cosmos are sweet but a bit flopsy.  Mine are braced with strong grasses and and hemmed in with a cedar rail to provide support.
My other gardening hint of the week:  More Yellow.  After years of looking at my gardens with a critical eye I decided to start adding yellows to liven things up. It worked. Blues don't recede so much, reds have something to fight with, and whites look more luminous with a bit of yellow around. And of course greens and yellows just zing in the sunshine.  Ah yes.  More Sunshine.

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