Friday, August 9, 2013


This post is for you, Laura.

Not that Laura is bad, of course. It's just that we share a history of people, places and things because we are sisters, and what follows is a thing which when eaten, is undoubtedly bad.  
No quinoa, hemp or soy was harmed in the production of this thing.  

It has no name; we called them pineapple-ham-thingies. (We being a group of seven siblings with a mom who cooked a lot of food but when she ran out steam was sanguine about tossing us a plateful of this.) 
And who could blame her.

Um, Recipe: 
Ingredients: Buns, cheese slices, ham slices and pineapple rings.
Method: Toast buns. 
Layer ham. pineapple and cheese slices.  
Broil until the melty fake cheese acquires the degree of blistered patina you prefer. 
Eat once approximately every 15 years.

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Anonymous said...

I'll take on of those for old time's sake, or is that hebbens sake?