Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Horsing around…

Horsey things around mi casa. A horseshoe mounted upside down brings bad luck, they say. After looking at that link, I'm going to put another on the front door in the opposite direction just to be safe.

A vintage oil painting bought for me by my husband in Mexico. 
The man who sold it to me told me he and the artist laid on the roof of his casa in Mexico city one night and talked about life. He was a drinker, lived hard, died young.

My favorite needlepoint horse picture. (Well, my only needlepoint horse picture but I love it anyway.)

Salvaged from my brothers' toybox; a carved horse head made for my dad by my grandad's poker buddy, 80 years ago in St John, New Brunswick.

Badcrafter at 18 with Hank's pony. 

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