Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Red to Yellow

My son was very fond of this aphorism as a child, discovered in a reptile book. Dangerous snakes or benign snakes were difficult to tell apart unless you remembered this rhyme! 
He'd solemnly repeat it and look at me; willing me to remember it too, so we'd both be safe. 
Childish things are hard to put away when your child grows up. I rationalize my reluctance to part with the toys by mumbling my grandchildren mantra. Have to mumble quietly so as not to excite too much eye-rolling from these two, my Angus 'n Tina. Gratitude is important, so this is a good day to say thank you to the powers above for granting me a life that includes them.

Tina's red sweater and the red restaurant booth keep me on theme, too, with the title of today's post.
Am seeing many glimpses of red and yellow around my house and garden; a color combo that creeps in stealthily; insinuating itself here, there and everywhere.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, Diana! They are all wonderful, but this one is special.

bc said...

not too gush-gushy? it feels wierd when it gets personal!