Monday, September 2, 2013


Awhile back on Pinterest, this was a very popular image on our Rosy board.  The Chester Canal Heritage Trust in the UK was the source for this interesting template on how to paint canal roses…broad brush strokes and simple forms building vibrant and pretty blooms.

Roses, too, have figured strongly in the old textiles I've been collecting over the years. The thrift stores have so many pieces of the grannyish upholstery fabrics, dress cottons, sheetings, and embroideries; I've regretfully left behind far more than I've brought home.

This week my project was another rosy affair, cutting up a heavy old tablecloth to make winter slipcovers for a pair of ottomans. They are new and needed a bit of 'olding' to warm them up.

Isn't the fabric sweet? Pixels!—but back then I guess it was a graphic representation of cross stitch. 
A pleasant project, all the more so because it was started and completed in the same week. Yess.

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