Friday, October 25, 2013

About Bad

When I began blogging my casual motivation was to keep a digital journal; knowing I would have a small audience (albeit a loyal, wonderful one); it seemed a useful tool to keep projects on track, that  accountability factor, right? And using the word bad, was—well, not so much because projects ended up looking like this…

Incomplete, sadly-badly (but not by me) stitched thriftstore needlework

…but more—that my projects just never quite lived up to my lofty ideals. I'm painfully slow to complete anything bigger than a pot holder.  But my progression as bad crafter (lazy crafter, procrastinating crafter, puzzled-by-instructions crafter, failing-eyesight crafter) is turning into a zen-like acceptance of my sometimes clever, but oft-times hamfisted attempts to make attractive, useful and strong things. If I sew something I want it to be able to go through the wash without busting a seam. If I make a patchwork clothespin bag for my sister I want it to last for many summers hanging on the line, sunbleached and rained on without falling apart.  If I knit, or weave, or nail together a picture frame I want it to look as though it was made by someone who knew what she was doing.

So, it continues. An early post revealed the beginning of a quilt, and, true to form, the quilt isn't done. But it is being worked on, a square here and there, still with an intent to finish. Not bad at all.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail Better. - Samuel Beckett 

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