Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rooms and stuff

My real, live Pinboard
A pal 'o mine asked yesterday that I put up some pictures of my house… she's three quarters away across the continent in New Brunswick. (Miss you, Jaye!)
Anyway, here's a few random iphone snaps—it was actually a very useful exercise reminding me that editing of small objects is definitely on the to-do list. I think I need a really mean stylist.

A friend visiting last year said, very delicately, 
"Diana, did you know you still have a price tag on your curtain?"

Flowers from a pretty girl hide my mostly-empty dining 
room…but heyit has a faux porthole. 

This is mostly just a picture of a chair, I know, + clutter. sigh.
I've got to learn how to use a real camera. Also, (she said defensively) there was no tweaking, removing or plumping prior to picture taking. The pictures are mostly of donkeys; one I painted during an online Lisa Congdon 'get your paint on' course.


Anonymous said...

All these new posts are so inviting and of interest to me! You are smokin'! WIll be pinning some of your photos.

bc said...

feels uncomfortably sharesy for me, darlin' - but since I aim everything at you that makes it doable :)