Saturday, November 9, 2013

Black and White

Do you like black and white? Yeah, me too.
My craft book collection includes many older b&w volumes;
 and this one is a favorite.
Primary Handwork (published 1906), written by Wilhelmina Seegmiller.  I was delighted to find that googling her turned up many references to vintage books; all teaching art and craft, usually with strict injunctions as to what year the skill level of the projects is appropriate for.
Also, these blackletter font prefaces, some biblical—some not. 
Like, like, like.

These paper weave patterns are all intended for Grade One level. 

 I'm feeling a little anxious about that, because, the last time I was in Grade One was oh, about 52 years ago.
Dragging out my old Macrame board and my T-pins. Cutting up a whole lot of fabric strips. 
It'll be weaveapalooza all weekend long. 

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