Monday, December 16, 2013

Today's trivets, 1 2 3

Awhile back Elizabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day fame posted a blog photo of crochet trivets that I really really liked.  And then she posted the whole lot for sale. (Scroll down to see the photos of the sold collection)
Over the thrifting years past I've left behind far more potholders than I've brought home. There's a limit, after all, to the critical mass of cuteness that can be accommodated in one's home. But the ones that made it through the door are certainly a pleasure to behold.  
As always it's the woman behind the work that captures my imagination when I'm stopped in my tracks by an abandoned lovely in a thrift store. The skill of crochet seems about as unattainable to me as a career in quantum physics, and I always think hard about those countless hard-working, talented women. A silent nod to housewives everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Love them all. So pretty, and such talent!

bc said...

want to see the rest of them?

Anonymous said...