Monday, March 24, 2014

Flat swap

Ok Kerrie, it's on its way. It's the first blog swap I've participated in, and it was fun and nerve-wracking both.  There's a reason I call myself bad crafter, after all; Kerrie definitely does not fall into that category.

A brief explanation of this (included in your parcel)… it's unfinished for a reason. When sewing pieced fabrics (usually making tote bags), I tend to make a tube that I can then sort of pivot around to look at which combination of fabrics I like—before stitching it flat and boxing the bottom. It can then be used to make whatever you want, a tote bag, a storage bucket, a zipped utility pouch, etc. Hope you like your parcel!


Unknown said...

It is so beautiful! I don't see the bad craft part! I'm glad you had fun with the swap. And hopefully you want to give it another go ;)

bc said...

Thanks Giova, yes-another swap for sure!