Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Enjoying a great summer analogue-style, with my iMac in the shop I've reverted to books and enjoying it very much. Actually books are never far off my radar—even with the competition of blogs and Pinterest. No Twitter or Instagram for me, not enough hours in the day.
The charmers pictured here are a recent buy from Ex Libris Anonymous. Old books chopped, drilled and bound for conversion to journals. Some people collect designer handbags; well, this is my vice. Or just one of them, to be really honest :)
I also own one from a Canadian shop, dreamingtreepaper.com. 
I'm really partial to those that are cloth covered; though the glossy printed colour children's books and series such as Bobbsey Twins are certainly fun too.


Kerrie Maloney said...

Also one of my vices, I usually purchase artist journals or sketchbooks from an art supplier. Inspired by the old book covers so have purchased one or two for myself.

bc said...

uh oh I'm enabling your vice :)