Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rhymes with ducky

Crankings from an Antique Sock Knitter  ✜  by Karen Lengyeltoti | Mr. Toe'd shop 
Feeling lucky to be wearin' my special socks… 2014 edition. The artisan was a bit puzzled by my request to make them non-matching, but cheerfully obliged—making my bespoke socks on her antique sock-knitting machine, probably much like one I admired at a Shaker museum in New Hampshire a few years back.. 
And just look at her incredible weavings.
Luckily I have her business card and her email address and when I save enough cold hard cash to buy  some, I will. (Just don't tell my husband I'm plotting to purchase 40 dollar towels).
Luckily he never reads my blog.


Jane Aston said...

Like your socks I have been trying to knit some,Mine are too wide around the girth so I'm going to have to start again. I tend to do odd socks too with mohair fluffy tops.

bc said...

Bonne chance with your knitting, Jane. Wish I could master in-the-round, it's as baffling to me as crochet.