Thursday, November 6, 2014

Try Dye

Bought a little Dover Publications dye book at the thrift store. I do like to read craft books for projects that are way out my reach; much the same as I love to read cookbooks for recipes I know I'll never have the ingredients, or patience for.
When I approach the idea of tackling a dye project; the mysterious rituals, the myriad supplies with weird names, and the multitudes of ways of approaching mordanting, usually stop me dead in my tracks. This time, I wasn't too concerned about color-fastness, so just rinsed and did a vinegar soak and called it a day. It's fun to see the stodgy little doilies and snowflakes emerge a brand new colour.

But India Flint certainly has nothing to worry about.


Kerrie Maloney said...

Natural dyeing such fun, try the ecoprint technique- no two pieces the same.

bc said...

Have you posted about it Kerrie? will go look :)