Sunday, December 28, 2014

bye bye 2014… HELLO

No glue needed to attach calendar pages—so last year's version can be reused!
A sort-of DIY, an idiot-proof guide to your makin' your own cute calendar. (Hey, if I can do it…)
① Cut the cover off an old book with pretty endpapers, OR, mount a favorite image on a piece of plain book board. (Tip: for free book board, grab an vinyl 3-ring binder and rip the vinyl cover off. This also works with yearbooks, the glossy paper peels off easily.)

② Scavenge a free calendar. Banks and realtors are reliable sources. OR, download here (also the source for owl art from the generous artists supporting My Owl Barn's annual calendar project). How sweet is this image by Flora Chang?

③ Trim the calendar pages down and stick em on with thumbtacks, paper fasteners or mini bulldog clips. 
 I buy my mini bulldog clips at Daiso, but art supply stores and craft stores have them too.

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