Thursday, February 5, 2015

February browns

Overheard in the shoe store "what IS cordovan, anyway? I've never heard of it!" This, from the salesperson, not the customer. 

I bought my boots, resisted the urge to mutter 'leather! red-brown!' and came home thinking about beauteous browns.

Random Vancouver Island goodness below:  Leaning tree on a pebbly beach, seaweed melange, February skies, and lovely things made by talented people.

L to right: cards from Dancing Rabbit Press, Iphone case handcrafted at Bonspiel Creations, and Weeds print from Jo Waterhouse
Objects that spark joy in this particular Vancouver Island household, along with my new boots. :)

Oh!, and, ducks—big, little, predominately brown. Winter is very ducky around these parts. 
Overheard on the seaside walkway near my place. 
"What are those?" 
Response. "I dunno, sum kinda' ducks". 
Decent pictures of our wintry duck tourists on my phone have not been a success, so, thank you, Internet, for the profiles below. 


Jaye said...

I'm honoured to have one of my pieces included in your post — thank you badcrafter!

Jaye said...

Ooops — great boots!

bc said...

thanks and thank you for the lovely cards, Jaye ❤

Anonymous said...

Lovely photography! A real treat.

bc said...

you'll be seein' it live soon!