Friday, March 6, 2015

o Marimekko

Using pictures to tell this story. A Marimekko exhibit at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria was a real pleasure to view. As a 60 year old; my personal timeline ran parallel to that of the candy-coloured fashion phenom. My first job in publishing in early 70s Toronto was located in a downtown waterfront building which also housed the Karelia store. In a world before digital access to everythinginstantly; it felt fresh and exciting to be exposed to design and home goods from exotic Finland. 
The AGGV show delighted the print ephemera geek in me with displays of vintage promotional materials; even more exciting to me than the fashion. This speaks volumes, actually, as I spent most of my 20s wearing short skirts and dresses topped with menswear sweaters and jackets.  Tomboy style, though at the time it just felt like zone 'comfort' (and maybe a little fashion 'lazy').


apiecefullife said...

Nice post.
I was probably a bit young to afford Marimekko the first time round but recently have been acquiring it. Note to self: learn a bit more.
I have bought things in recent years, black and white striped umbrella, then another with big flowers but still black and white and a table cloth and I was eyeing off some mugs just the other day.

bc said...

Exactly, I remember being a 20-something wandering around in that Karelia store unable to afford a single thing!