Monday, October 26, 2015

Random rain day stuff

It started with hemming a small quilt/coverlet for a small sofa. 
Rain + Mud + Small Dog = lots of laundry, so I like to have a supply of good lookin' covers for dog's favorite couch. 
I was dissatisfied with my messy looking whip stitch, so went looking through my books for alternative hemming stitches… and discovered a nice, neat and strong version of backstitch. In the book they call it Pin Stitch, or Point Turc. It's a great little stitch, highly recommended.

Well, that led down a rabbit hole of internet searching which involved a labyrinth of heirloom sewing sites, and ending up at punched paper embroidery templates by the hundreds here. So interesting, and puzzling, too, whether they are in the public domain or not. A few patterns have attribution, but many appear to be from books. There's an endearing ugly/cute quality to this kind of thread on paper stitchery. I confess that I enjoy looking at the patterns more than I have a craving to complete the projects. 
Look how pretty… aren't they fun?


Kerrie Maloney said...

Might be fun but not something that I have done. A patient of the clinic that I work in does lots of these and makes them into cards that she sells.

Anonymous said...

Do you embroider through the paper into the fabric, or do you use the holes to transfer a design onto the fabric?

bc said...

They're intended just for paper I think, but a simple pattern might be doable on fabric reinforced with iron on interfacing...

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
slow learner

Unknown said...

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