Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This sewing project is a knock-off of a mexican dollar store tote I've schlepped around for years.
It's universally adored by supermarket cashiers and passers-by on the street - "ooh ♥ the owl bag!!!"

Am curious to find out if this knockoff… in a different colorway, hand stitched, will get anything close to the same amount of attention.

The whole owl thing mystifies me, actually.
How does a fairly fierce predator come off as cute?

er…um, I take that back.



Anonymous said...

I prefer your version

bc said...

first day out with the new bag a girl at the gallery gift shop said she liked it

Unknown said...

Owls are quiet, observant, solitude loving creatures. Those fortunate enough to exude owl-like tendencies are often gifted observers and analysts. BUT would you want to hang out with one. Probably not. :)

The bag is lovely though.