Wednesday, January 22, 2014


A few posts back I tipped my hat to those who crochet. (Btw, feast your eyes on Anna Bauer's wall of trivets, via Camilla Engman).

Pictured here are a few more… a note to my sister Laura, and a post-script for you.

Dear Laura:
Recently you requested that I send you two of my "least-ugly doilies".
Here are more from which to choose.

P.S. Dear Readers:
This offer is open to anyone; if you'd like a thrifted "least-ugly"—just let me know via comments.


Anonymous said...

Your photography is really good. The yellow trivet photo is gorgeous!

bc said...

want a trivet? nobody else does :)

Anonymous said...

sure! Can I have the yellow one?

Anonymous said...


bc said...

ok, parcel going out this week…